Feature: Starting your own business (Disability Horizons, May 2011)

If you need something which doesn’t exist, then you just have to create it yourself. We at Disability Horizons would like to introduce you to Rick Goldstein, the inventor of the Go-Anywhere Portable Commode ‘n Shower Chair line, who seems to prove that point. Rick is a 55-year-old entrepreneur who hails from Tucson, Arizona who started his company Go! Mobility Solutions (“GMS”) to design, produce and distribute a line of portable mobility products which Rick and his company have invented.

Accessible Air Travel by United Spinal Association

What follows is a very informative piece which was published by the United Spinal Association. It addresses the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 and translates it into plain English that anyone can understand. Although portable commodes and shower chairs are not addressed specifically, they are certainly included under the general heading of “medical devices”.

Hurricane Tested

Hurricane-Tested | Shower Commode Chair

Hurricane Tested ! ! !

I had the “privilege” of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event last month which will forever redefine for me, the word “awesome”.

son-scMy wife and I rent a home on the beach in a little community in Mexico which sits about 350 miles due south of Tucson, Arizona, on the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez.

We had arrived on August 29th having no idea that hurricane Jimena was plotting a course directly towards us. In fact, it wasn’t until a friend of ours in Michigan IM’d me and asked if I was planning on riding out the hurricane. My response to which was, “What hurricane?” From that moment on, rarely did I take my eyes of the four weather websites I had logged onto on my laptop.

Air Travel

Air Travel With Your Go-Anywhere Travel Shower Chair

When traveling with your Go-Anywhere Travel Shower Chair entails flying and having to deal with airline personnel and airport security, be prepared! You are, most assuredly, going to be confronted with one or more potential obstacles. First of all, know your rights! There are numerous resources available on-line from which you may easily glean the specifics using a keyword search for “airline and shower wheelchair”. For our purpose here, however, suffice it to say that your Go-Anywhere commode shower wheelchair is a “fragile medical device” which should be “gate-checked” and is not chargeable as passenger baggage. Having your regular wheelchair and your shower wheelchair “Gate-checked” means that you will take your Go-Anywhere commode shower wheelchair through Security, to the gate, and into and down the jet-way. From there, it may either be stored on-board in the closet separating the first-class cabin from coach, or taken down below and stored with your wheelchair in the cargo compartment. The latter method is far more likely, these days, as most airlines, in their efforts to maximize revenue, have eliminated the aforementioned closet and replaced them with more seating. Adequate on-board storage, however, may be available on some of the larger aircraft utilized in international flights. Let’s walk through the process of successfully gate-checking your Go-Anywhere commode shower wheelchair at no charge: