Below are a list of questions we’re commonly asked. If you’ve got a question that isn’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Are the Go Anywhere® chairs just for traveling?

Absolutely not! Initially, the GO-Anywhere Chair was designed as a travel chair because the inventor could not find a decent chair that he could travel with. Over time, it didn’t make sense to have to own one chair for home and another just for travel, so the GO-Anywhere Chairs evolved into everyday-use chairs that can simply pack-up and roll-away when you want, or need, to travel. They’re that comfortable!

Will the Go Anywhere® chairs fit over a toilet?

You bet! The 16-1/2” clearance beneath the seat will clear any toilet we’ve run across. Of course, we’ve, most assuredly, not seen them all!

Must I have access to a Roll-in shower to use a GO-Anywhere Chair?

For GO-Anywhere Chair models CS. SP, CS-A and SP-A, the answer is yes; you will need a roll-in shower.

What do I do if a roll-in shower is not available?

The GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘n Tub Chair [SKU: CST] solves that problem. By simply connecting the rolling commode/shower chair to the lightweight frame that may be placed in most any bathtub, you may easily glide your seat across the tub wall and beneath a shower-head.

This is why I invented the CST/STS models. I was tired of getting stuck in hotels without the ability to shower. Now I’m able to slide over a bathtub and safely shower whether I get a room with a roll-in shower or not. It should be noted that the rolling section of the CST may be used as a standard commode/shower chair and does not need to be connected to the tub section. The tub section may be easily connected to the rolling frame when you encounter a situation in which a roll-in shower is not available.

Can I purchase a tub-slider with big wheels so that I can use it independently?

Unfortunately not, for two reasons: First, the seat assembly would be impeded by the 20”-wheel and unable to slide over it. Second, it would be very difficult, if not impossible in many cases, to maneuver a chair having big wheels into a position parallel to the bathtub and to connect it to the tub section.

How long does it take to assemble or disassemble the Go Anywhere® chair?

With a little practice, the Go Anywhere® chair can be assembled in a few minutes.

Do you supply the tools required to assemble the GO-Anywhere Chair?

There are absolutely no tools required to assemble or disassemble any of the GO-Anywhere Chairs.

Can the GO-Anywhere Chair tip over?

The camber built-in to the chair’s rear legs was integrated into our design specifically for the purpose of minimizing such a possibility and to maximize the chair’s stability. Placing sufficient weight on the footrests without first having the User’s weight on the seat, however, may cause the chair to tip forward.

Can the armrests be moved out of the way for transfers?

Yes; the armrests lift-up and back into a position alongside the seatback supports. They may be locked in either up or down position.

Can I ‘push-up’ on the armrests?

Yes, so long as you push-up with your hands being placed as closed to the rear of the armrests (close to the backrest) as possible. The armrests are constructed of extra-thick aluminum tubing, nevertheless, weight placed too far forward may cause the armrests or the support hinges to bend over time.

Can my Caregiver lean the chair back to get it up, or down, a step?

Absolutely not! Because of the camber built-in to the rear legs of the GO-Anywhere Chairs, leaning the chair backwards will stress the welds and, over time, may result in structural failure of the joints where the rear legs meet the frame. This may pose a significant threat to health and safety. All four wheels should maintain contact with the floor beneath it at all times.

What if there’s a step or a lip to get into my shower?

If the step or lip is small enough to maneuver the GO-Anywhere Chair across, have at it! If, on the other hand, such step or lip presents an obstacle to getting the chair across it without all four wheels maintaining coincidental contact with and the floor, then find alternative means. You can try placing a real or a makeshift ramp; install a row, or rows, of tile to render the step or lip maneuverable or, preferably, figure out a way to remove the obstacle altogether. If none of these options are feasible then consider using one of “tub-sliders” manufactured by GO! Mobility Solutions (see below).

Can I tilt my GO-Anywhere Chair back?

It is important that all (4) wheels maintain contact with the floor at all times. So leaning the chair back by causing the front wheels to come off the floor is not permissible. HOWEVER, rear lean (seat dump) may be achieved by making the front legs an inch-or-so longer than the rear legs, using the adjustment holes and spring pin buttons in the telescoping legs. The maximum recommended angle of tilt (seat relative to the floor) is 4-8 degrees.

What type of chair is best for a child or small adult?

The standard seat depth for the majority of GO-Anywhere chairs is 18”. The minimum seat depth (measured from back of knee joint to tailbone) for any User is 16.5”. If the User has a seat depth of less than 16.5”, consider using the GO-Anywhere Commode ‘n Shower – Adjustable [SKU:CS-A]. The CS-A has an adjustable seat depth which may be adjusted by moving the seatback assembly forward or back. The backrest height is adjustable as well.

Can the finish come off?

The finish on the GO-Anywhere Chair is applied to its structural, aircraft-grade aluminum substrate using an electro-chemical process known as “anodizing” which, in effect, physically joins the finish and the metal. There is no paint which can peel off. Please note that it is possible to scratch the anodized surface, however, this would require more than casual effort.

Won’t my GO-Anywhere Chair rust?

No. The GO-Anywhere Chairs are constructed entirely of durable, lightweight structural aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and other rust-proof/resistant materials.

Can my GO-Anywhere Chair become damaged?

Of course it can; nothing is indestructible. Although they are designed and built to be tough and durable, the GO-Anywhere Chairs should be treated in the same fashion as any of your other valuable Durable Medical Equipment, that is, with extreme care. There are two features, in particular, to keep in mind: First, as strong as aircraft-grade aluminum is, it can be dented if it is dropped hard, from high, or on to an uneven surface, or if anything heavy were to be dropped on it. A dent resulting from such an occurrence could have a detrimental effect on the ability to adjust the telescoping aluminum legs and footrest.

Second, ensure that you do not place any heavy and/or pointed objects on top of them or pack anything on top of them (such as any other part of the chair). Because the foam is closed-cell, it will not spring back after being compressed for extended periods of time. Any indentations in the foam caused by such compression will become permanent. Do not place anything sharp on top of the cushions as the vinyl surface can puncture or tear the closed-cell foam used in the manufacture of the seat cushions can be torn or cut. Avoid placing sharp objects on the cushion or folding the seatback down on to a sharp object.

Specs, Configuration, Weight Limit


How long will my GO-Anywhere Chair last?

If provided just a little TLC there is no reason why a GO-Anywhere Chair could not last for decades, even a lifetime and longer. The Cushions may need to be replaced every few years and perhaps the casters at even longer intervals. A number of factors come into play affecting the longevity of both cushions and casters including humidity, sunlight and, of course, frequency of use.

How high is the seat from the floor?

Seat heights are adjustable for all models. You may click on the “Specifications” link under any model on the “Products” page to see the range of adjustment for each chair.

How wide is the GO-Anywhere Chair?

The seat cushions themselves are approximately 18-1/4” wide and the aluminum frame beneath measures 18”-wide. The SP is to 23-1/2” with the 20”-wheels installed. You may click on the “Specifications” link under any model on the “Products” page to view a dimensioned .pdf file for each chair.

Can I get the GO-Anywhere Chair with a wider seat?

Unfortunately, no. Each lightweight aluminum member on the GO-Anywhere Chairs has been engineered specifically to span its length or width. They are designed to be as narrow and as light as possible (in order to be as portable as possible) while maintaining their ability to fit over a toilet.

How high is the seat back?

The top of the seat back measures approximately 15” off the top of the seat. An accessory Seatback Height Adjustment Kit is available for those needing higher or lower back support. Generally speaking, unless the user is 6’-2” or taller, he or she should be fine with the standard seat back. Of course, a number of factors come into play which might negate such generality, most obviously, the nature and/or severity of one’s disability.

Are the ‘big’ wheels on the SP interchangeable (SP only)?

Yup; you can mount them on either the front or the rear of the chair. In specific situations you may find the need to mount them on one side or the other. For instance, in the case in which a toilet has a narrow-depth tank and the 20”-wheels hit the wall behind them, the toilet seat hole of the chair may be offset from the seat hole of the toilet. This may result in an, obviously, undesirable result in which somebody will be cleaning up the floor.

Why can’t I purchase a GO-Anywhere Chair if I weigh more than 250 / 300 lbs (114 / 137 kg)?

Some of our models have a 250 lb (114 kg) weight limits, others can hold up to 300 lb (137 kg). Please click the “Specifications” link under any model on the “Products” page to check the weight limit for that model. Weights in excess of the maximum specified may result in excessive stress being applied to the welds used to fix the cambered rear legs to the frame of the chair. Over time, these stresses could cause failure to the chair’s structural integrity. This may pose a significant threat to health and safety.

Cushions and Seat Hole Configuration


How big is the toilet seat opening?

A standard toilet seat was used as the template in determining the seat opening size. Note that the opening of the open-front “horseshoe” cushions (utilized in the non-tub-sliders) may be made smaller by moving the front “ears” of the horseshoe closer together.

What is the purpose of the side cutouts in the seat / seat cushion?

The side cutouts provide easy access to your “nether lands” from both sides. Accessory ‘Side Fillers are available for one or both sides. They are interchangeable so one Side Filler may be used in either cutout. You might consider purchasing a Side Filler if you require additional surface area beneath you for support or for transfers, for example.

Which GO-Anywhere Chairs have seats which are open to the front?

The NON-Tub-Slider models (CS, CS-A. SP and SP-A) come with “horseshoe” type seats having openings at the front of the seats. The opening to the front can be made smaller by moving the “ears” of the horseshoe-shaped cushion closer together or by ordering a special Front Filler and a closed-front cushion.

Which GO-Anywhere Chairs have seats which are closed in the front?

The Tub-Slider models (CST and STS) and the GO-Anywhere Sport come with “donut” type seats which are closed at the front of the chair. Please note that these models do NOT come with an open-front “horseshoe” type seat and cannot be modified to do so.

Why can’t I buy the Tub-Sliders (models CST and STS) with an open (horseshoe) seat front?

The aluminum tubing located at the front of frames on the Tub-Sliders provides for an integral part of the rail system along which the seat assembly rides on its way to the tub frame. It cannot be removed thus making it impossible to open the seat to the front.

Can I get a GO-Anywhere Chair with the seat open to the side?

Unfortunately not; both sides of the frames on all of our models are integral parts of chair’s structure. Neither side can be removed, rendering it impossible to completely open the seat to either side.

Should I order the standard cushion or upgrade to the 1-5/8” one?

The standard cushion is composed of high-quality, closed-cell foam which has received six coats of vinyl over its surface. It is soft and “cushiony” and not like the hard plastic surfaces you will typically find on most commode / shower chairs. The cushion has Velcro strips glued to its underside which adhere to its counterpart on the aluminum seat frame. It may be easily removed and reapplied as often as you wish.

The 1-5/8” cushion consists of two layers of the same high-quality, closed-cell foam as the standard cushion and is REALLY “cushiony”. It is recommended for Users who have long sitting times and/or skin issues, such as being prone to breakdowns. It is “extra” comfortable.

The 1-5/8” cushion should probably NOT be used, (in most cases) if the USER does his or her own transfers to and from the chair. The extra layer of foam might hinder the ease of such transfers.

How long should my cushions last and can I purchase replacements?

With proper care and assuming an average of 4-5 showers per week we can expect the cushions provided with the GO-Anywhere Chairs to last at least 1-2 years. Replacement cushions are available at very reasonable prices and may be ordered on the “Cushions” page under the “Shop” tab at www.GoesAnywhere.com or by contacting GO! Mobility Solutions.

Purchase, Insurance, VA, Delivery and Warranty


Can I obtain a chair through the Veteran’s Administration?

Absolutely! Contact your local VA and give them our VA contract number which is V797D-30180. Be sure to specify the model of GO-Anywhere Chair you need along with any accessories. You can give us a call and we can follow-up with the VA to help speed things up.

Why do GO-Anywhere chairs cost so much?

You are probably surprised to see this question posed here. It is here because it is an FAQ and this offers us an opportunity to explain why our products cost what they do. To begin with, our products themselves are composed of high-quality materials and components, all lightweight and waterproof. GO-Anywhere Chairs are VERY labor-intensive to manufacture. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to Quality Control at GO! Mobility Solutions. Your safety is our highest priority. The product in completed form including packaging, decals and documentation represents about 45% of the price you pay. This fact seems to get some people pretty riled-up.

About 20% of the sales price is General and Administrative expense (facilities, staff, utilities, taxes, insurance and everything it takes to run a business).

Another 20% goes to Sales and Marketing expense (print and on-line advertising, promotion, printing, sales commissions, travel, trade shows, website development, maintenance, digital marketing, etc.).

Research and Development accounts for about 5% and another 5% covers interest expense and some miscellaneous costs.

You do the math. This totals 95% of the sales price you pay leaving only 5% for profit. Now you can go and look at the prices charged by some of our competition (Nuprodx, Shower Buddy, Raz, etc.) and extrapolate their profit margins. Don’t be mad at GO! Mobility Solutions! ☺

Where can I GO see your products?

In an effort to keep our prices as affordable as possible we sell direct to the Consumer and through a very select group of commissioned sales representatives. In fact, because of this, most DME vendors and dealers will not even do business with us. The use of dealers and distributors, while serving to enhance our visibility, would result in our having to raise prices by the 40-50% mark-up that they require. As a result, besides the trade shows at which we exhibit (ref: https://goesanywhere.com/tradeshows/) and a few large SCI centers that have demo models, there is no place you can go to see our products. For this reason, we will ship to you the GO-Anywhere Chair of your choice, RISK-FREE, for a 30-DAY TRIAL PERIOD. Should our chair not work out for you, you may return it to us and we will issue you a refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There will be no re-stocking fee assessed.

Will Medicare pay for my GO-Anywhere Chair? Are there other sources of funding available?

Medicare does not consider commode/shower chairs to be “medically necessary” and, therefore, will not pay for any products which are used inside the confines of a bathroom. Unfortunately, the vast majority of private health insurers follow Medicare guidelines. DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU FROM TRYING! Obtain a prescription AND a Letter of Medical Necessity (see a great one at the bottom of this page: https://goesanywhere.com/links-and-resources/) from your prescribing physician or therapist specifying a GO-Anywhere Chair and submit it. When they deny the claim, appeal it. It may take some effort and, certainly, a lot of patience, but you can win!

Will (state) Medicaid pay for a GO-Anywhere Chair?

Some states are very easy, others are not. Commode/shower chairs may be covered in about three-quarters of the states. Contact your Case Manager and inform him/her that you NEED a GO-Anywhere Chair. Again, the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly so patience is necessary; but so is being a “squeaky wheel”. So be enough of a pain for your Case Manager to want you out of her hair.

Are there other sources of funding available?

Should any of the following apply, try your state Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation: (http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.GOv/Programs/EROD/org_list.cfm?cateGOry_ID=SVR), Workers’ Compensation, University Housing and local, community-based agencies that can help pay for equipment such as commode / shower chairs. There are also federal, state and other agencies which sponsor a variety of loan programs offering loans across a wide spectrum of interest rates and term durations. You can find lots of them by searching “loans for durable medical equipment” on the internet.

How do I get Canadian Provisional Medicare to cover the cost?

If you reside in Canada, please contact our Canadian distributor, Westech Health Care Ltd. At 844.323.0022 or [email protected]

Will I be charged any sales tax, VAT or customs duty?

No; in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia you are exempt from sales tax. If you live in any member-nation of the European Union we can send you the necessary forms and documentation which will exempt you from both VAT and any duties. The two forms are simple. For any other country, please contact us at [email protected] and we will reply to you with the pertinent details.

How long does it take to get a GO-Anywhere Chair?

Typically, we can ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of an order. We ship with FedEx out of our warehouse in Tucson, Arizona.

What happens if I receive my GO-Anywhere Chair and it just doesn’t do what I expected it to do?

We will ship to you the GO-Anywhere Chair of your choice, RISK-FREE, for a FREE-TRIAL PERIOD. Should our chair not work out for you, FOR ANY REASON, you may return it to us and we will issue you a FULL refund (less $50 fee for the 1” or a $75 fee for the 1-5/8” cushions or $30 for the GO-Anywhere SPORT cushions); NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There will be no re-stocking fee assessed.



How do you get the commode accessory to fit inside the travel bag?

The typical commode “pail” has been replaced by a cleverly-designed sliding tray which “pulls-out” from behind the GO-Anywhere Chair. The tray has a hole cut out in which a 2.5”-deep pan is dropped-in. This feature enables easy packing within the travel bag.

Can accessories be added after purchase?

Yes. Accessories may be ordered after-the-sale online on the “Accessories” page under the “Shop” tab at www.GoesAnywhere.com or by contacting GO! Mobility Solutions.



Can I take my GO-Anywhere Chair on an aircraft?

The GO-Anywhere Sport [SKU:SPT] meets FAA regulations for storage on-board an aircraft. All other GO-Anywhere Chair models will be “gate-checked”. Please refer to the articles on air travel at https://goesanywhere.com/links-and-resources/ for specific details and guidance.

Will my GO-Anywhere Chair fit in the airport security x-ray machine?

In most cases, yes, however, there are exceptions. In the event of a smaller x-ray machine your GO-Anywhere Chair will be inspected manually by a TSA agent. Please refer to the articles on air travel at https://goesanywhere.com/links-and-resources/ for specific details and guidance.

GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘N Tub Chair


What happens when I encounter a bathtub with the showerhead on the ‘other’ side (CST only)?

No problem! The GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘n Tub Chair [SKU:CST] works in both “left-“ and “right-handed” bathtubs.

How does the seat slide across into the tub? Don’t the footrests get in the way (CST only)?

The footrests need to be removed before the seat assembly can glide across into the bathtub. They may be easily removed from their sockets and replaced once the User has slid over the tub. Optionally, the User may prefer to let his or her feet rest on the tub floor while soaking.

How hard is it to slide the seat across the track into the tub (CST only)?

The glides upon which the seat assembly of the GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘n Tub Chair [SKU:CST] ride use sealed, precision stainless steel ball bearings which render a nearly effortless glide along the rails.

Can I get the CST with a longer (or shorter) bridge?

Possibly. Custom-length bridges may be available to accommodate certain custom-sized bathtubs and Jacuzzis and depends upon the required span of the bridge and the weight of the User. Please contact GO! Mobility Solutions to discuss your specific requirements.