Could This Chair Be Your Next Love?

The Wait Is Over!

It seems like it’s taken forever but the newest in our GO-Anywhere line of portable commode and shower chairs is FINALLY here. It’s definitely been worth the wait! The CS-A shower chair model has a one-of-a-kind, 3-way ADJUSTABLE seat back. The backrest can slide up or down, the seat back may be moved forward or back, and the whole assembly can recline from a vertical 90-degree position to a nearly horizontal one. The CS-A shower chair comes standard with adjustable footrests which may be moved closer or further away from the seat, up or down and it can bend at the “knee”. Even the heel straps are adjustable for bigger or smaller feet! A 2-way adjustable headrest is included as well. That’s a lot of chair and a lot of ADJUSTABILITY and, as is the case with any of GO! Mobility’s products, all assembly, disassembly and adjustment can be accomplished without the use of any tools!

“Grow-Anywhere” Shower Chair

This is the PERFECT chair for growing children as the seat back can be moved further back and the backrest raised as a child grows, effectively lengthening the useful life of the chair and eliminating the need to continually replace it as a child grows. We could even call this the “Grow-Anywhere Chair”!

Of course, like our other GO-Anywhere Chairs, the CS-A folds up and fits into its own optional travel case. Rick wouldn’t have it any other way (remember Rick developed the first portable commode and shower chair to meet his own needs as a quad who wanted to travel)!


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