Self Propelled Shower Wheelchair

If you or a loved one have limited mobility that makes hygiene requirements like toileting and showering difficult to accomplish safely, a self-propelled shower chair might be helpful.

These self-propelled commode chairs are designed with safety and ease of use in mind. They have rust-resistant frames and contain holes in the seats to allow the chairs' users to toilet themselves without fall risk. Since the frames are made for use in showers, they will not be prone to degrading with use in water. It should be noted that the chair user may require a caregiver's help to transfer their chair into the shower, depending on their bathroom and shower layout.

GO! Mobility Solutions offers self-propelled shower wheelchair options and many other accessories to improve the quality of life and safety.

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There are a variety of considerations to take into account when assessing the best fit for your particular needs. But here are a few quick shortcuts that may help:

- Do I have a roll-in shower? GO to CS, SP, CS-A, SP-A

- Do I have a bathtub wall, step or curb into my shower that I need to get across? GO to CST or STS

- Do I have a very narrow doorway (less than 19”) to get a rolling shower commode chair through? GO to CS, CST, CS-A

- Do I want (or have) to self-propel? GO to SP

- Do I want (or need) a portable commode shower chair that can recline? GO to CS-A or SP-A

- Am I small or do I have a child that is small and still growing? GO to CS-A or SP-A

- Am I independent enough to use a Tub Bench and/or Transfer chair to get across a tub wall? GO to SPT or STS

Obviously, you can never be certain as to whether you will have access to a roll-in shower when traveling, even if you’ve been “guaranteed” one, months in advance. We always suggest the “better safe than sorry” approach and going with one of our Tub Slider models which offer the option of being able to get across a bathtub wall. With a GO-Anywhere portable Commode Shower Chair w/ Tub Slider [sku: CST] you can reserve your room and forget about it; no worries.

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