See what our customers from all over the world are saying about our products! 

Allison T.

Cambridge, MA / CP

Hope this email finds you well! I just returned from my first trip with my CST shower wheelchair and had to tell you what an incredible piece of equipment it is. My friend/caregiver and I were able to assemble it with ease and I was wheeling around the bathroom and hotel room in no time and with proper support! My friend was so impressed by the stability of the chair. The hotel we stayed at only had bathtubs. Without your chair, we would have had to stay at another hotel or use a tub chair that didn't offer the right support and would have been dangerous. Thank you so much for creating and selling a product that keeps those with disabilities safe and frees us to travel wherever our hearts lead us... even to places without roll-in showers. 😉 Blessings, Allison

Pia G.

Netherlands / SCI

I wanted to let you know that I used the shower wheelchair during my vacation and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s really a great product and makes traveling so much easier. The chair is perfect!

Lou Y.

Action, MA / SCI

The chair has been fantastic. It has saved my wife and I from having to lift our 24 year old son from a standard commode wheelchair (not a good fit by any stretch) to a tub “slider” bench and back every day. Brian can transfer to the goes-anywhere and we only have to wheel him in and back. Both commode and shower are taken care of without having to strain. I am really happy that I found your site and purchased a chair.

Mia, Tucson, AZ

Volunteer Family Mentor, IRC Tucson And Refugee Focus Tucson

Thank you for your flexibility in loaning Jacques Rutebuka a Go Anywhere shower/commode wheelchair until he gets one approved through the medical insurance system. Last night, he asked me how a man like yourself could loan such a valuable piece of equipment to someone like him. He was so grateful for your support and wanted me to thank you. I said that you are one of the nicest guys I have met and that you are an example of what is so good about Americans – our willingness to help others in need. I really appreciate the help you have given to the other refugees I have brought your way seeking solutions for their daily needs. There are now four refugee men in Tucson using your products (that I know of and have connected). I will do my best to promote your chairs and spread the word.

Annemarie G.

Mussina, South Africa / Quad

Just to let you know that we delivered the portable commode wheelchair to Anandi in Mussina, South Africa and that she, and her family, are elated! It’s exactly what they were hoping it would be and were very surprised that the product was so sturdy and strong. I want to thank you and your boss for reacting sooooo quickly and efficiently! Your product has made a 18-year-old and her parents very, very happy.

Becky P.

Gainesville, FL / O.T. Shands Rehab Hospital

Hey Rick! You are amazing!! I put the shower commode chair together and I am so impressed with it!! It’s absolutely wonderful! The manual was easy to follow and the instructions were so thorough. I’ll be showing it to our entire OT department tomorrow to get their feedback and see what they think about it for our patient population. I’m excited!! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with it!! Your shower commode chair is a therapist’s dream :)!!

Jani V., Ph.D.

Greenville, NC / T-4 Para

Thanks, Rick. We just spent the night in Hampton Inn in WV. Pet peeve = thick squishy carpet!! I appreciate your help so very much. I have passed on your company info to one of the nurses I befriended at Shepherd rehab hospital in Atlanta and the clinic here. Thanks for being so gracious – SO refreshing!

Peter A.

New South Wales, Australia / C5-6

Rick, Mate just to let you know everything has turned great and the handicapped shower wheelchair works a treat bloody excellent. I would just like to thank you again in the way you arranged this order. It’s not very often you find someone or a company that will go out of their way to help people. They only see $$$. But once again, thank you. It’s a great product and idea and I’m sure you will have a market here in Australia. Good luck, hope we meet again.

Francia B.

Santa Monica, CA / Cerebral Palsy

We really appreciate how quickly you have responded to any issues we have had with the shower commode chair. Michael loves the shower commode chair and is so much more comfortable in it than any we have had before. The fact that he can also have it when we travel it incredible. Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Matt E.

Victoria, Austrailia / M.D.

I just wanted to tell you the Go Anywhere chair is great. We tried it out this morning for the first time, and after using it on a test run here at home, we are both (my Wife & I) relieved and excited that we now have the option to go away on holidays without having to worry if the hire companies (mostly unhelpful) have given us the right commode/shower wheelchair at our chosen destination. For instance, we often like to go to my uncle's place interstate and it’s a 6-hour drive. Your chair could easily be hauled out if I suddenly feel like I need to take a….oh, I mean in case I need to use roadside lavatory facilities (or in Aussie “Go to the Dunny”). My trade is as a humble design draftsperson (like an architect but with less money or weird square glasses) I could quote the great French Architect Le Corbusier who said something along the lines that “A house is a machine for living”, more appropriate to your chair Rick would be “This chair is a machine for living”. You deserve every success with this chair Rick and I hope you become a Bazzilionaire because of it. All the Best and Thank You again, Rick.

Flossi S.

Philadelphia, PA / CP

We have had the Go-Anywhere Shower Commode Chair for just about a year now and we are happy to have found it! Todd is 145 lbs. and it is such a back-saver not to have to help him in and out of the tub as we used to do. We had a battery lift tub chair which was fine but required us to help him from the lift chair to his wheelchair. We use the Go-Anywhere Shower Commode wheelchair every night in a new roll-in shower and use it whenever we are away from home with the tub slider frame. It is such a pleasure now not to have to worry about using tubs no matter where we are and it is so convenient to just fold it up, put it in its great case on wheels and go! Now we don’t know what we would do without it. Thanks for your help, Rick.

Lana L.

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada / C5-6

Hi there, Rick! Thanks again for your wonderful invention! It was fantastic having the peace of mind it afforded while overseas. It’s hectic enough in a foreign country without worrying about a shower commode chair. Do you have brochures and/or posters you can send me on your product line? I’d certainly like to pass it on to some Calgary-area chair suppliers as well as our local Canadian Paraplegic Association. Your mobile shower chair made a huge difference to our Philippines trip. I really appreciate your kind accommodation in getting me this mobile shower wheelchair. You have given excellent service. Thanks so much!!

Brian M.

Tucson, AZ / C4-5

Rick was right. This product has changed my life! I have waited for years for something like this. I only wish I had thought of it first. There are very few other products like it and they either just don’t work or are way out my price range. The Go-Anywhere shower commode Chair costs half the price and is twice as good as any other portable shower wheelchair I’ve seen.

Marty M.

Tucson, AZ / Spina Bifida

This is an ideal product for anyone having limited mobility. The assembly is so easy. I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a wedding and my sister was able to put the portable shower wheelchair together in just a few minutes without even looking at the instruction manual. It is light and portable and was so easy to travel with. It really has been a God-send.

Maria B.

Tucson, AZ / C4-5

The Go-Anywhere commode shower ‘n tub chair is amazing! It has increased my independence and with it, I can travel anywhere I want. I found it to be so comfortable that I now use it as my every-day shower commode wheelchair at home as well as for traveling. Thank-you Rick.

Karunaharan V.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada / SCI

Dear Rick, The Commode Chair is very helpful and works great. Thank you for your wonderful service and we’ll keep in touch.

Gail G.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada / MS

I appreciate your quick responses to my emails and your commitment to your customers. I don’t do a lot of traveling so I use my ‘Go Anywhere Chair’ for my regular shower chair at home. I’m delighted with the chair. It is compact and fits into my shower, which is not quite as large as a regulation roll-in shower, perfectly.

Nancy P.

Oregon City, OR / Traumatic Brain Injury

Thank you for this wonderful shower wheelchair for our son! Your design is brilliant! The leg rests you fabricated work perfectly! Thank you so much for your time and energy you spent on this project. You have a very unique product that his helping hundreds of disabled people travel more comfortably in this very difficult travel climate. Thank you. Let us know when you invent another unique product!

Lynn F.

Winnipeg, AB, Canada / SMA

It’s great! We are always amazed at how easy it all is! Great invention Rick! Thank you!

Charlene R.

Orlando Park, IL / MS

Very impressive. Your company has been a pleasure to deal with.

Jan K.

Baltimore, MD

Without your invention, it most likely would not be possible for me to care for my mom in our home. Your invention has made it possible for my mom to live with her family as she should, not in a facility. It is a true godsend, I am totally dependent on both chairs, and frankly, I don’t know what I would do without them.

Rick B.

Sugar Land, TX

I want to give a big thank you to Rick for inventing this wheelchair! My wife and I just took our first vacation with the Go-Anywhere chair and it worked unbelievably well. This is the perfect solution to a big problem, now resolved! I can now travel and visit family with confidence in knowing that I will not encounter obstacles. Thanks for making my life a little easier!

Paul T.

Ontario, NY / Para

It has been a huge help and I will add, it’s an engineering marvel.

John R.

Greenwood Village, CO / C5-6

The commode was absolutely fantastic. We used it both in the roll in mode and the tub extension. Made my life so easy as a caregiver on our vacation in Durango. It will get additional use after Xmas.

Valerie G.

Victoria, Australia / Para

Hi Rick, Happy New Year… and what a happy new year you have given me – Thank You! I have been away and I have used my Go Anywhere Shower ‘n Bath Chair all the time for both shower and toilet. It was so easy I wish I had had this folding shower wheelchair before. No one knew what was in the case, I felt more comfortable knowing it was my chair and no one else had used it, it was so easy to assemble and to fold back up, I could go on and on. In short, this folding shower chair was GREAT. It made my time away much more pleasant. Thanks again Rick!

Kim A. Ph.D.

Director Of Education At The Miami Project To Cure Paralysis

The Go-Anywhere shower commode chair certainly lives up to its name! It’s an essential aid that I use all over the world as well as every day at home. The lightweight material, sharp turning radius, and sturdy design enable me to utilize just about any version of an ‘accessible’ shower. And the customer service is excellent and what all companies should strive for.

Francisco G.

Guaymas, Sonora, México / Para

Hola a todos yo soy paraplejico nivel T3, supe de las sillas de baño de Rick por un amigo en Tucson Arizona, despues entre en su pagina web a conocer su producto y me parecio excelente pues yo acababa de llegar de EU y batalle muchisimo por no tener una silla adecuada….. si hubiese tenido esa silla de rick no hubiese batallado tanto. Me decidí por la silla Go-Anywhere Presidente sin marco bañera o puente pues por ser un paraplejico tengo fuerza en mis brazos gracias a dios La entrega fue muy rapida ademas que no es nada dificil armarla una vez que sabes como hacerlo no te toma mas de 5 minutos hacerlo. su maleta de viaje es excelente pues la llevas protegida y sus llantitas hacen que sea facil moverla de un lugar a otro y asi no batalla la persona que te ayuda en tus viajes. Muchas gracias Rick por tu diseño de silla, nos facilita mucho a los lesionados medulares a llevar una vida lo mas parecido a la normalidad, pues antes al mencionar un viaje era estresante por el echo de pensar como me iba a bañar….. ahora no!!! Gracias Rick y saludos.

David & Susan C.

Moline, IL / SCI

Hi Rick, We received the chair yesterday. My fiance and I are thoroughly impressed. She said she feels much more comfortable using the Go-Anywhere Chair. I am also a mechanical engineer and from an engineering standpoint, this chair is awesome! I had the idea for something similar because I figured there had to be something better than transferring from a shower wheelchair onto the bench, and then back into the shower chair. I would usually just pick her up and carry her to the bed after a shower because it was easier. Hurt my knee twisting out of the tub once though. From using it last night and this morning, I am happy to report that my woman feels much safer and comfortable using the Go-Anywhere Chair. Again, from the engineering and quality aspect. I am thoroughly impressed by the weld quality, ease of use, and compatibility. This chair is an incredible value compared to other chairs on the market! This thing is awesome! I would like to offer my review and user feedback for anyone that has questions or concerns with this chair. I only wish we would have found out about this sooner. We plan to share our feedback with our local SCI support group or anyone else we come across that could benefit from this wonderful invention.

Jason M.

Birmingham, England / C4-5

After reading a few reviews and speaking directly with Rick Goldstein I decided to go for the shower ‘n tub chair. Go Mobility's is by far the best product and the adaption for regular bathtub access is ingenious. It arrived last week within 3 days of ordering to the UK. Incredible service. I have now used the shower commode chair several times and can only say WOW. Being able to build and collapse the folding shower chair really quickly is a godsend. It only takes minutes and of course, each time you do this you get quicker. Initially, I bought the portable shower wheelchair for travel purposes only but have now decided to use it at home as well. My flat bathroom is quite cramped so the ability to collapse the portable chair is invaluable. I cannot recommend this shower commode chair enough. If you are UK based and wish to have a look at this portable shower chair close up you are welcome to visit me. I’m located in the Birmingham area. Once again the service I received from Rick and Go-Anywhere was first class. Thanks for such great service. I’m off to Australia in November and using your portable shower chair will save me some sleepless nights and worry. Best wishes.

Ken J.

Rio Rico, AZ, / Para, T2

I bought a Go-Anywhere Chair from Go Mobility and, except for the Nuprodux handicapped shower chairs, there’s nothing else out there, that I’m aware of, that will do exactly what I need it to; And I’ve done a lot of searching! It is worth every penny. It cost me less than half of what the Nuprodux costs and, from what I can tell, it’s a superior handicapped shower chair. The guy who owns the company is a quad and invented this handicapped shower chair. He handled my entire transaction personally and told me that if I was unhappy for any reason that they would refund 100% of my money. It was that confidence that sold me. There’s no way I’m returning it. Works perfect and traveling with it is literally a dream come true.

Pete B.

New Boston, TX / C5-6

Finally, a travel shower chair that I can take with me traveling and not go through the embarrassment of dragging my old shower commode wheelchair through the hotel lobby. Not to mention that the tub slider is perfect when can’t get a room with a roll-in shower. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Jessi N.

Tampa, FL / Quad

I am so impressed with the Go-Anywhere shower commode chair. 1. It’s not embarrassing to travel since we usually end up pushing the shower commode wheelchair around the airport, hotels, etc. 2. The travel shower chair was a piece of cake to assemble and disassemble and also to adjust to the different tubs and floor heights. 3. Normally when we travel, shower commode chairs take up so much space in the van. This time, it was so easy to load and to fit everything. AND 4. Your travel shower chair is comfortable! I guess these are my top 4 as a caregiver. Thanks again!

Jim W.

Timmins, ON, Canada / C5-6

The mobile shower chair itself is terrific. My wife and I mastered putting it together and dismantling it in no time. Your entire concept really is amazing. We will travel a great deal more because of it. Ideally, if we can find wheel-in shower rooms then it’s the perfect combination with the Go-Anywhere mobile shower wheelchair, but you know how hard it is to find those at hotels. Best of luck with the marketing of your Go-Anywhere mobile shower chair, it’s definitely the best on the market. Ironing out the small imperfections of a device that has so many connections can be tough, but the mechanics of this system and its compactness are unbeatable.

Richard C.

Bridgewater, CT

It’s great Rick! I had no problems with putting your portable shower wheelchair together at all. It is very easy and my husband was thrilled with it. He said he will be much more willing to spend a night away!

Dave E.

Oak Creek, Colorado / C6-7

Rick, Thank you for your exceptional customer service! It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with you. I will gladly recommend that folks check you out.

Lindy / Perth

Western Australia / O.T.

Thanks for helping my client Kimberly, from Western Australia, out with her new Go shower commode. We were impressed by the prompt reply & service.

Jennifer M.

Raliegh, NC / C5-6-7

Rick, I have been meaning to say thanks for all your help with the chair. It is working great and the customer service you provide is top-notch!

Terri B.

Colorado Springs, CO

Finally, after trying for 5 years, I got a shower chair that is safe and useful! Good job designing the whole system. It looks great and fits easily into my bathroom, through the doorways, and into my roll-in-shower stall. It is the answer to my worries when traveling. Also, I found a way to have Medicaid pay for the chair. I contacted a local medical supply company and told them exactly what I wanted. I specified that I needed a narrow chair, 18” or less wide, to fit through my doorways. Also, my bathtub had an unusually wide entry lip, 12” wide and other transfer seats we tried didn’t fit. Your shower wheelchair was the only one that satisfied all these requirements. They requested a prior authorization and then ordered the chair for me. I encourage you to share this information so others can benefit from your product. Thank you.

Simon C.

United Kingdom

Cheers, Rick… you have been awesome. Mate, your customer service is 10/10!

Shana S.

Aurora, CO / Cancer

My mother loves it! After spending months of only bed baths, the shower chair has enabled her to shower. She is thrilled! She also loves the commode aspect of the chair. All in all we are super happy. Thank you for this great product. Sincerely,

John M.

Peer Mentor: Craig Hospital Windsor, CO / C4

Dear GO! Mobility Solutions,

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful product! As a spinal cord injury for the last 15 years, I found it difficult to travel without the proper commode/shower chair. My current one is too big and bulky, and how can I travel on an airplane with that type of chair? Well, those days are now in the past because of you and your wonderful portable commode shower chair. Being a C-4 quad and 6’5” tall, there were not a lot of options. My wife and I had practically given up looking for a shower chair and then I met Rick and his wonderful staff in Phoenix at a trade show where I tried the GO-Anywhere CS-A. I purchased the chair then and there and I couldn’t have been happier. I was able to use the CS-A that night in our friends’ home, utilizing a walk-in shower that was no wider than a 3’ x 5’ phone booth.

I have had a few other travel experiences since then, some using an airline for transportation, some using a car to drive to a destination a few hours away. No matter what, my CS-A travels with me! The airline I travel with has worked well with me and knowing how important and delicate my item is.

Thank you GO! Mobility Solutions for making a quality item for a population that needs it most.

Ken S.

Berkley, CA / MD

Dear Rick, The chair works wonderfully, so glad we were able to get this great product. Really a lifesaver.

Mark E.

Vancouver, BC / T-12

Hi Rick,

The commode did arrive. Our trip to San Diego was only possible because it did. Thank you!

And a huge thank you for developing a travelling commode that works so well. My expectations were exceeded. The commode worked better than I dared hope.

Many, many thanks to you and the Go! Mobility Solutions team for making travel possible for me.