Meet The GO! Mobility Solutions Team

Rick Goldstein

President & CEO

Motivated by a rebellious and adventurous spirit, Rick Goldstein moved to Arizona in 1976 after attending Cornell University in New York. A diving accident in the Tanque Verde Falls recreation area outside of Tucson in 1978 resulted in his quadriplegia and confinement to a wheelchair. But that was all he could be “confined” to. Following a year of physically and emotionally-grueling rehabilitation in New York City, Rick returned to Tucson in 1980 to prove to himself, and to others, that he would not have his goals or dreams thwarted by his disability. Over the course of the next twenty-plus years, he went on to build a successful real estate development and general contracting business, operate a property management firm and establish a telecommunications company. In 1998, Rick retired from the building trades to pursue a new career as a Day Trader in the equity markets. He obtained his securities license and, when not traveling his beloved Mexico, he continues to trade the markets. As a result of his travels, Rick realized that certain disability-travel-related devices were not available anywhere, including a lightweight, portable commode shower chair and a compact transfer board. To fill the void, Rick invented and patented inventions to meet the needs of disabled travelers and started GO! Mobility Solutions which is manufacturing them.


Peter Hughes

Sales Representative

Born with Arthrogryposis (an orthopedic condition impairing his ability to walk), Pete defied the odds, receiving a BS in Kinesiology, in 1995, from San Diego State University and his teaching credentials in Adaptive PE, in 1996. Follow a career of teaching adaptive PE to children and teens with disabilities, he moved to Australia where he received his Masters of Education, in 1999. It was at the University of Western Australia where he learned how to play wheelchair basketball. In 2004, Pete accepted a scholarship to attend and play basketball for the University of Arizona, where he studied business, coached football and track and, to this day, he continues to coach the UofA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. Pete went on to manage his own company representing medical products designed to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. In 2012, Pete joined GO! where he educates its sales team how to educate the public about how GO!’s product line make the lives of the disabled easier. Pete believes in “educating”, not selling. “Our customers don’t need to be sold. Once we educate people as to what our products can do for them, there’s no selling necessary”.


Ken Acheson

CAD Design and Product Development

Ken has spent decades mastering Auto CAD design, development and engineering solutions for multimillion-dollar projects commercial and industrial building projects. As an AutoCAD manager, he compiled project proposals and organized and managed a team of experts to meet the growing needs of the construction industry in Auto CAD. Ken and Rick became close friends in the small beach town of San Carlos in Sonora, Mexico, where they are neighbors and both live part of each year. Ken is responsible for translating and transplanting all of GO! Mobility’s designs into Auto CAD format such that any of them may be rotated in space and reviewed to ensure that our highest quality manufacturing standards and requirements are complied with, to the letter.


David Irons

IT, SEO Specialist

David is an IT Consultant with a focus on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science from Eastern Washington University and served for six years in the US Marines where he studied mechanical engineering. He has developed numerous websites and currently manages digital assets for several national companies. He is fluent in English and Spanish.



Rick Salomon

Shop Supervisor






Jahid Ahmed

Social Media Optimization & Marketing Specialist

Jahid has been managing Go Mobility’s social media presence and marketing for over four years.