Greetings from the Inventor of the Portable Shower Chair, Rick Goldstein

Welcome to GO! Mobility Solutions, my name is Rick and I invented the GO! Anywhere® Portable Shower Chair line to solve a problem I had that no other chairs on the market solved. For 42 years since my injury, traveling anywhere for more than a couple days posed some serious problems. On short trips I could stuff my non-portable shower chair into my van. Although I could usually get my chair over a toilet, rarely did I have access to a roll-in shower. I grew wary of the embarrassment from having a porter push my potty chair through parking lots and hotel lobbies. Like me, you’ve probably discovered that they are not easy to disguise.

When my plans required air travel my options were extremely limited. There was no way could I take a non-portable shower chair with me. I felt so restricted and even though I had loved to travel I would only do so when I absolutely had to.

This was no way to live. Something had to be done.

I spent years searching for a practical, affordable device to solve my problem. Back in 2004, I purchased a “portable shower chair” from the Internet for around $600. It was constructed from painted rectangular steel tubing and plastic, and I quickly found it to be a useless product. It rusted quickly, weighed a ton and was unbearable to sit in. Furthermore, it was extremely unsafe to use.

After weeks years of frustration using the chair, I decided to contract a local welding shop to have it re-engineered to the point where it was, at the very least, safe to use and marginally comfortable. Even with their help the chair remained heavy, clumsy and would leak rusty water after every use. It was then that I realized that if this problem was ever going to be solved, I would need to solve it myself.

Necessity, once again, would foster invention.

With the assistance of an engineer from the Mars Pathfinder Science Team holding doctorate degrees from Harvard and MIT, I set out to design a portable shower chair that would be safe, lightweight, compact, comfortable, portable and easy to assemble without any tools. We succeeded! The portable shower chair worked great; so great that soon many of my friends wanted one too. The next thing I knew, I was unretired and had inadvertently began a new career in manufacturing.

I invented this portable shower chair to improve my life and increase my independence. A hot shower at the start of my day, whether I’m at home or on the road, is a luxury I don’t want want to live without. When I don’t get to shower in the morning, I suffer from leg and abdominal spasms all day long. It is also nice to be able to use the restroom independently when and where you need to.

In addition to a shower commode chair being safe, lightweight, compact, comfortable, portableand easy to assemble without any tools, it was important to me that I create a product that was affordable as well, without sacrificing quality or durability. I wanted to prove that quality, life-improving healthcare can be affordable.

The GO! Anywhere® Portable Shower Chair has changed my life; and it will change yours too!

Best Regards and Happy Travels,
Rick Goldstein
President, CEO