New Models Are Ready To Go!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve finally completed production of enough GO-Anywhere CS, SP, CST and, our newest, latest, greatest addition to our GO-anywhere Chair line, the STS (Stationary Tub Slider), to hold us for a little while. Actually we came off the assembly line nearly a month ago but have been so busy filling back-orders that I haven’t had the time to update the blog.

We’re already powering ahead with our new Sport (SPT) and 3-way adjustable, reclining Commode ‘n Shower – Adjustable (CS-A). The SPT is through prototype and testing and the CS-A is to the point where I am satisfied with our design and we’ll begin testing next week. Lots of exciting new stuff coming up the pipeline right behind, too.

I promise to be a good little blogger from here-on-out in an effort to keep all of our customers and followers more up-to-speed. How’s that for a belated New Years Resolution?! More soon.

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