Time Flies!

We are having fun and celebrating holidays, wheelchair basketball season, football season and TRAVEL!  It’s so great when we are able to help someone with their travel needs.  We recently received this email from a customer in Colorado.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great assistance with our order.  We received our chair this morning!  I can’t believe I ordered it Monday morning and it was on our doorstep two days later.  We were so excited, we did a little dance for the Fed Ex guy!  I am so happy to have the chair for our trip it will make all the difference in the world.

I love everything about your company, from your friendly helpfulness when I first called to the speed and efficiency of the delivery, to the quality of the product to the sense of humor in your tag line.

Thanks again for making our life a little easier and less stressful.”

Time Flies and we LOVE helping you make your travel easier and less stressful.  Visit us at www.GoesAnyWhere.com, and don’t miss out on your travel plans!

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