Shower Wheelchairs

A shower wheelchair is a device made exclusively to help individuals with low mobility better navigate the bathroom, specifically the toilet and walk-in shower. Most shower wheelchairs (or commode wheelchairs) have specific components that ensure maximum functionality and comfort for the user, such as a waterproof build and an opening in the center of the seat for direct use of the toilet without the need to lift off of the chair.

We provide multiple different types of shower wheelchairs for your comfort including the rolling shower chair, self propelled shower wheelchair, shower chairs for disabled, commode wheelchair, rehab shower commode wheelchair, shower chair for paraplegic, portable shower wheelchair, pediatric shower chair, foldable shower wheelchair, narrow shower wheelchair, and other commode shower chairs on wheels for the disabled, for children, and the elderly. 

Our commode shower chairs for disabled individuals and low mobility seniors make a great addition to the home. If you are looking for the best wheelchair shower chair to eliminate the need to transfer from the shower to the toilet, explore our large selection of shower wheelchairs today.

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There are a variety of considerations to take into account when assessing the best fit for your particular needs. But here are a few quick shortcuts that may help:

- Do I have a roll-in shower? GO to CS, SP, CS-A, SP-A

- Do I have a bathtub wall, step or curb into my shower that I need to get across? GO to CST or STS

- Do I have a very narrow doorway (less than 19”) to get a rolling shower commode chair through? GO to CS, CST, CS-A

- Do I want (or have) to self-propel? GO to SP

- Do I want (or need) a portable commode shower chair that can recline? GO to CS-A or SP-A

- Am I small or do I have a child that is small and still growing? GO to CS-A or SP-A

- Am I independent enough to use a Tub Bench and/or Transfer chair to get across a tub wall? GO to SPT or STS

Obviously, you can never be certain as to whether you will have access to a roll-in shower when traveling, even if you’ve been “guaranteed” one, months in advance. We always suggest the “better safe than sorry” approach and going with one of our Tub Slider models which offer the option of being able to get across a bathtub wall. With a GO-Anywhere portable Commode Shower Chair w/ Tub Slider [sku: CST] you can reserve your room and forget about it; no worries.

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